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Over the years, our species have been harassed, cajoled, insulted, discriminated against and have been referred to as beasts and on several occasions, have been called inhuman, insane, sick, immoral and not upright thinking members of society.


There has been dismissals from schools, homes, jobs, churches, name it. Many of our kind have been taunted on streets, in their homes, in churches and in all social places because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In recent years there have been arrests of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender [LGBT] people.


 The Penal Code is very harsh to homosexuals and seriously criminalizes it and although it does not mention sex between women, lesbians face it as rough as gay men in trying to exist freely along side heterosexuals.


Homosexuals in Uganda have for long been suppressed by individuals, families, the media, the church and by top politicians. This has left many of us victims, homeless, jobless and hopeless. It has left most of us very economically and socially underpowered. It has also led to increased deaths among the LGBT people from suicide, because of rejection and from HIV/AIDS and the like because of discrimination even in health issues.


All around us are homophobic comments, actions and reports. This homophobia is given voice by the press, institutionalized by the Penal Code and given strength by politicians and religious leaders.


Rejection, fear, shame, guilt, disease, homelessness, poverty and the like prevail in the homosexual society because of the stigma caused by the Penal Code, religious teachings, cultural beliefs and the negative reports by the press. The hate campaigns engaged in by political leaders have also devastated lives. Many constantly live in fear of arrest or rape.


Over the year we have got more and more miserable as LGBT people in Uganda .






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