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                    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES


  • To strengthen organizing efforts of all LGBT organizations
    in Uganda.


  • To draw national attention to legislation concerning
    LGBTs at the state level.


  • To unite across state lines through nationally coordinated
    actions and strategies.


  • To see to it that the activities of all LGBT organizations
    in Uganda are running as 
    planned and proposed to
    donors, friends & well wishers.


  • To sensitize the public about the need to respect all human
    rights so as to reduce or/and eliminate stigmatization
    and discrimination based on sexual orientation.


  • To reach out to as many LGBT people in Uganda as possible
    for sensitisation in respect to LGBT rights.


  • To help fight poverty through capacity building, training
    and workshops.


  • To carry out any other activities that are incidental or conducive
    to the attainment of the aforesaid objectives.



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