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FAR-UG Celebrates 1st Anniversary



4 July 2004 marked the first anniversary of Freedom And Roam Uganda.(FAR-UG).    

The group, the only exclusively women organization, was established on 4/7/2003
by 3 ladies. At the 1st anniversary, the group was adding up to 36 members.


In the past one year FAR-UG has registered a number of successes;


They have managed to set up a website of their own and have hopes of upgrading
it in the near future. Their website is


FAR-UG has also carried out counseling on a one-on –one basis since it’s inception
in 2003.A counseling line was set up for Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender women
including non members on


In a hostile environment, FAR-UG has managed to be hosted on several radio shows
and the impact of this has been very big and positive in the struggle for the
recognition of LGBT rights in Uganda. The shows opened a lot of doors for other
homosexuals in Uganda.


One of the many radio interviews that Victor Mukasa (Group President) did with
Simon Kasyate (Monitor FM) won Kasyate the Radio Journalist Award at the CNN
African Journalist of the Year Awards that took place in South Africa.


The organization also became a consultative member of the International Humanist
and Ethical Youth Organization (IHEYO). This membership was granted by IHEYO
at their conference that took place 20-24 may 2004 in Kampala Uganda.


FAR-UG has also developed several relations with human rights organizations and
other LGBT organizations all over the world. They are also happy to note that their
membership is growing steadily.


The members of FAR-UG are glad that despite lack of funds and premises,they have
managed to do tremendous work in Uganda.




monitor's kasyate scoops cnn radio award
the monitor (kampala)

July 2, 2004: Monitor FM's Simon Kasyate was last weekend announced CNN African Radio Journalist of the year 2004. He was awarded a statuette, the kind received by star actors at the Oscars, during a colourful gala held at the Sandton Convention centre in Johannesburg.

The gala was attended by CNN Managing Director, Chris Cramer, President of Turner Broadcasting, Maggie Eales, Senior Vice President of Turner Broadcasting Louise Sams and a cross section of CNN reporters.

Sixteen other African journalists were awarded in different journalism categories. Kasyate's winning story was an interview he did with a lesbian. The story caused a lot of uproar when it was aired on Monitor FM's News Night programme towards the end of last year. "The bashing I got for this story was due to societal stereotypes here and the homophobia, but I had this gut feeling it was well done," said Kasyate. The story was among the over 1000 entries that were entered for the competition at the beginning of this year.

The judges' citation of Kasyate's story was as follows,'The interview is intriguing, informative, revealing and often entertaining. What is nice about it also is that it is very conversational and manages to break important stereotypes regarding homosexuality.' The judges' panel consisted of seven distinguished journalists headed by Dr. Doyinsola Abiola, Managing Editor Concord Press Nigeria.

Kasyate submitted two entries; the other was a feature on the president and the first lady's antagonistic fight against AIDS amongst the youth. 'Much as to describe an evil is not to condone it, many of my colleagues were branding me a homosexual sympathiser yet all I did was put aside my sentiments and just interviewed a Lesbian who was willing to tell her story, thank goodness it won,' said Kasyate adding that as a journalist one should have his/her ears open to whoever for as long as they have a story to tell.

The CNN Africa journalist of the year award is an annual award now it's ninth year to honour African journalist for the good work they do in telling the African story. Category winners take home a statuette, a state of the art laptop complete with modem and printer and a substantial amount of cash. The overall winner gets more cash and a three weeks training course at the CNN centre in Atlanta.